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PUBLIC Snowboards Hangover Solutions Hot/Cold Mask


Had a wild night that you swore you'd never talk about again? Well, fear not, because our PUBLIC Snowboards Hangover Solutions is here to save the day! Designed for those who like to live it up and pay for it later, this eye mask is the ultimate answer for your post-celebration adventures.

🗣️ Chill Like a Pro: Our eye mask's cooling gel is like a tiny iceberg for your face – minus the sinking ship. Say goodbye to puffiness as this mask gets you back to looking almost presentable. 

🗣️ Fashionably Late, Just Like You: The mask's sleek design fits over your eyes as stylishly as you stumble into work on Monday morning. The adjustable strap ensures a snug fit, because we believe in personal space for you and your hangover.

🗣️ Portability 101: Small enough to stash in your pocket for those "emergency" restroom trips during the day. Whether you're at your desk or pretending to adult in a meeting, just slip it on and pretend you're at the spa. We won't tell.

🗣️ Reuse, Not Regret: Made with materials that can withstand more rounds than your karaoke playlist, this mask is ready to join your hangover routine again and again. Wipe it down, toss it in back in the fridge, and feel proud of your eco-friendly-ish choices.

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